“How to Pack a Rucksack”


One Shepherd’s 9-minute training video “How to Pack a Rucksack” employs the USGI Medium ALICE.

The specific focus of this training is for combat patrols in environments other than mountain warfare. Mountain warfare includes climbing and rappelling tasks that necessitate a weight distribution of placing the heaviest items closer to the center of gravity – the spine.

That exception aside, the majority of combat environments demand a weight distribution of heaviest items placed as close to the shoulder blades as possible, and balanced left to right. Furthermore, notice that items of immediate need are intentionally placed in the outside pockets, flaps, or added onto either side of the rucksack where they can be accessed readily.

This training video makes recommendations. Your unit will, of course, develop its own Standard Operating Procedure.

– One Shepherd in conjunction with Olive Drab Journal and Battle Rattle Radio